Football Coded Grading System

World Leaders for Technique Analysis

The Football Coded Analysis System is the World's most comprehensive technique analysis system. It is designed specifically for professional football and as a tool to breakdown individual and team technical sequences to unprecedented detail and precision.

Player Technical movements are categorised objectively using a scientific process that has been nominated by a European Parliament scientific committee and advocated by the University of St Mark and St John. Technical sequences are represented by coded shapes (over 100,000 combinations) that symbolise visually physical movement patterns. 

The optimal way to use a Football Coded Analysis System Analyst would be as a specialist dissecting individual technical sequences after general analysis has been attained using a team analysis program (e.g. Prozone). The level of detail in the coding would make an entire match unviable to code, but incredible for developing a detailed understanding in how to combat and nullify the technical patterns used by opposition 'danger players'. 

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Professional Club Technique Analysts

The Football Coded Analysis System is highly unique and specialist in the Professional Match Analysis Industry. Providing professional clubs with an unprecedented level of detail regarding individual and team technical sequences.

  • Professional Clubs can hire a Football Coded Senior Analyst for a short-term project or fixed time period. 
  • Projects can include: scouting upcoming opposition players, scouting recruitment targets, profiling players within your own team and developing tailored team sequences based on player strengths.
  • Gain a significant advantage over your opponents with the World's most comprehensive technique analysis system.

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