Football Coded Grading System

Developing World Class Technique:

The early levels of the Football Coded Grading System are about learning the basics within an 'isolated' environment. However in the 'Advanced Levels' 7-10 the Grading Tests require quick decision-making and are classified as 'skill' drills. The focus is all about developing the grading techniques into 'match-specific' and automatic skills.

The Football Coded Grading System is a 'Player-Centred' learning process based on technique progression to elite levels, in line with the FA's 'Future Game' strategy. Players within Professional Academies are able to continuously develop with their own Football Coded Grading System 'technique profile'. A player's 'technique profile' enables them to specialise on strengths and identify weaker areas to improve with asymmetrical testing (e.g. Level 9 Aerial Control, Level 7 Dribbling etc).


Also available for Professional Academies are the 'Leaderboard' Challenges, which are measured on time or success rate. Players compete against themselves and professional benchmarks, whilst simultaneously transitioning the techniques into a match-specific pace.

Integration into your Professional Club:

  1. Consultation - The first step is to contact Football Coded for a consultation. During the consultation different options and licenses suitable for your professional club academy will be explained. 
  2. Coach Training - Once licensed, integration begins with in-house coach training for your coaches with a Football Coded Coach Tutor. The tutor will run through the relevant Grading Level tests for your coaches and provide recommended coaching drills (that fit within the FA coaching model) which they can use to prepare their players' for the Grading Tests. Coaches will learn drills that they can use to simultaneously prepare players on different Grading levels. 
  3. Parent Letters - The next step to integration include receiving the Football Coded letters for parents outlining the major Q & As etc.
  4. Launch Event - Frequently there is then a launch event to unveil the Football Coded Grading System officially with a senior member of Football Coded giving a presentation at a club event for players and parents.
  5. Coaching - Your professional academy coaches then deliver a block or series of coaching sessions and matches, leading up to a Grading Assessment date to measure player improvements.
  6. Grading - The Assessments which are done by trained Football Coded Assessors, are generally during a coaching session, with players taken from the coaching session in pairs or threes for Grading (approximately 10 minutes). 
  7. Pass - If a player passes a level they receive an official Football Coded certificate and have a presentation solo and/or group photograph/s. They can also begin to learn the techniques that form the next Level in forthcoming coaching sessions.

Professional Academies

The Football Coded Grading System has many advantages for Professional Club Academies. The Football Coded Grading System is unique in being the only objective technique grading system, that is based on sports science and professional football analysis.

  • Develop technically gifted players and measure improvements objectively.
  • Use as part of the FA 'Four-Corner' model when making player reviews to ensure potential stars are retained.
  • Works within the FA Coaching Model and assists the FA's 'Future Game' Strategy.

 All Football Coded Assessors are FA licensed Coaches

NOTE: If you have any Questions regarding the Football Coded Grading System please have a look at our FAQ page.

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