Football Coded Grading System

Coaching Match Specific Technique 

The Football Coded Grading System works within the FA Coaching Model and assists the FA's 'Future Game' strategy. The 'Future Game' outlines the FA's commitment to developing young players with a technical emphasis to match those from the traditionally stronger countries from a technical standpoint (e.g. Spain, Brazil, Argentina).

The focus of the Football Coded Grading System is develop technique into match specific skill. We work alongside coaches to harness the grading techniques into skills the players can automatically use in match situations. This makes the Football Coded Grading System unique, as existing grading programmes have focussed on very isolated techniques which have no relevance to match play. The Football Coded Grading System is based on professional football analysis and everything is geared towards the progressive development from a complete beginner to an elite professional using match specific skills.

Grading System Integration and Benefits:

  1. The first stage once licensed, is coach training with a Football Coded Coach Tutor. The tutor will explain the relevant Grading Level tests for your players and provide recommended coaching drills to develop the players' techniques for Grading Tests.
  2. You will learn drills that allow players on different levels to simultaneously practice techniques, drills that players can use for home practice and learn how to coach the techniques into match-specific skill.
  3. Generally the Assessments which are taken by qualified Football Coded Assessors, are during a coaching session (end of coaching block), with players taken from the coaching session in pairs or threes for Grading (approximately 10 minutes). 
  4. When a player passes a level they can then begin to learn the techniques that form the next Level.
  5. Coach training support is always available and there are numerous options for continuous coach development training.


The Football Coded Grading System is perfect for coaches working with any age and ability:

  • Create an environment of learning which is 'Player-Centred'.
  • Teach your players the most advanced and scientifically based programme of learning technical skills.
  • Works within the FA coaching model and assists the FA's 'Future Game'.
  • Turn your players' techniques into skills that can be used in match play situations.

All Football Coded Assessors are FA licensed Coaches

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