Football Coded Grading System

Photo Gallery

(A) Goals Soccer Centre Plymouth (Grading Presentations 2013-2014): 

(B) Goals Plymouth 'Player of the Week' & Grading Presentation Photos 2014:

To order one of the above photographs (watermark removed) for your Player Portfolio (A4 Glossy Card print) or in a photograph (6 by 4 or 7 by 5 - contact for details) fill out the order form below, making a note of the number of the photo (e.g. slideshow B, slide 6, top right photo).

NOTE: Recent 'Player of the Week' photographs can be found exclusively on the Football Coded and Goals Plymouth Facebook pages. These photographs can still be ordered, describe the picture and quote the date.

Photograph Order*


*Photographs can be collected once printed and paid for at Goals Plymouth during a saturday morning coaching session - see Coordinator Gavin Seymour

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